Transformative Biotech: Revolutionizing Diagnostic Testing

Transformative Biotech is a startup biotechnology company focused on the deployment of lab-proven direct-to-PCR technologies to test for infectious diseases and cancer. Direct-to-PCR testing is the most significant development in PCR since its invention in 1985.

Transformative Biotech’s extraction-free SalivaFAST™ and SwabFAST™ SARS-CoV-2 tests are substantially equivalent to RT-PCR (CDC assay) in diagnostic accuracy


Covid protocol


Covid protocol

Faster TAT 

Offers 3x faster turn-around-time and processes 3x the volume of samples using the same lab space, compared to extraction-based PCR¹. 

Higher Margins

Generates higher profits (over 70% gross margins) as compared to conventional PCR, as the nucleic acid extraction step is eliminated. Our extraction-free, direct-to-PCR process saves on space, personnel, equipment, consumables, extraction agents, and time. 

Market Proven

Processed 590,000 SARS-CoV-2 tests at the Fitzsimons/CU Anschutz Medical Campus, in a CLIA-certified lab¹. 

Multiplex Detection

Enables detection of more than one pathogen from a single sample (saliva or nasal swab). 

Viral Load 

Adds viral load to standard positive/negative reports, giving physicians a new tool to determine treatment efficacy.

Substantially Equivalent to CDC

Demonstrated substantial equivalency to RT-PCR CDC assay in diagnostic accuracy (sensitivity and specificity)¹. 

@Home and POC Testing

Uses robust transport buffers, along with direct-to-PCR technologies, to make testing @home or in a doctor’s office possible with standard PCR equipment.


Has five patent applications filed suitable for viral, bacterial, fungi, and cancer detection, to protect its technologies from competitors.

Available for Licensing

Seeking commercialization partners with the resources to deploy our next-generation PCR technology in this multi-billion-dollar market. Exclusive licensing options are available at this early stage of marketization.

¹In-house data, available under NDA.